EITAcies has enjoyed a very long and successful track record working in the Telecommunications space. Our commitment to the industry is exemplified by the long relationships we’ve developed with the leading global telecommunications providers, and our large spectrum of capabilities in this space.

The global telecommunications market has had a challenging time over the past few years; forced to adjust to new technology trends and delivery vehicle advancements, while plagued by a difficult economic climate and stagnant growth.

Increased consolidation and competition have telecommunications firms scrambling to streamline operations and maximize efficiency to ensure survival. Our consultants in this vertical are among the highest-tenured individuals in the market, and understand the business challenges that telecommunications firms are facing.

EITAcies telecommunications consultants have deep industry experience and are helping our customers develop and enhance the applications that help meet business goals. Some of the current trends our clients are addressing include :

  • Domination of the space by mobile/wireless
  • Emerging services (chat, instant messaging)
  • Impact of RFID tags on data traffic
  • Maximizing opportunities by creating personalization/segmentation strategies

Our focus in the space spans many of the applications and systems that are found in the top telecommunications environments, including :

  • Call centre integration services
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Computer Telephony Integration
  • IVR products Quality Assurance

We have been actively involved in providing solutions and talent to the telecommunications industry right from our inception. We have several consultants with some major Telecommunications providers around the country like Sprint, Ericsson, AT&T, Cynergy Communications and Qwest Communications to name a few.

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