Statrup Enabler
Startup Enabler

If you are a technology start-up with a pathbreaking idea and looking to scale-up , then EITAcies will help you do so. We provide a reliable and effective platform to help your start-up grow, raise capital and enable you to transform your ideas into great businesses.

Our team of highly skilled engineers will collaborate with you all the way from the development phase, building your product's POC (proof of concept) to end-to-end project implementation to suit your business needs. We at EITAcies are a trusted start-up enabler, helping young companies realize their potential and maximize their returns.

Fund Raising For a start-up, raising capital in order to shorten the time to market a new product is very crucial in today's competitive markets. To secure funds, you need an effective collaborator who understands your requirements, builds the appropriate marketing strategy and brand development and helps you launch the products at the right time.

We have a highly resourceful team that helps start-ups and SMEs raise the required capital by networking with a credible investor base, helps them create the right pitch, plan and execute the fund-raising programs while also instilling the confidence in them to make the right business decisions.

From identifying angel investors, creating suitable models for venture capital transactions to ensuring that the fund-raising programs will help the start-ups reach maximum profitability, EITAcies has already helped several start-ups to secure funding for their growth. Why Choose to Work with Us? We at EITAcies have a proven track record of collaborating with start-ups and entrepreneurs who not only have the right potential to make it big but also believe in forming long-term relationships with their clients. When you choose to work with us, you automatically become a part of the EITAcies family and get a wider access to our business networks.

If you want to work with a partner who understands your vision and truly adds value to your business, then EITAcies is the one for you. Choose us to leverage our industry experience in creating an impactful brand and reach for greater heights!

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