EITACIES SOA Expertise : SOA (service oriented architecture) is critical for business success today. At EITACIES we give utmost importance to being up to date with the latest technologies so as to provide innovative SOA consulting services to our customers. We help organizations that rely on their middleware framework to evolve for the future requirements, with timely SOA expertise. Our in-depth experience in SOA, BPM, MDM and BO environments helps our clients leverage the latest middleware technologies for business growth.

SOA Monitoring Framework : We have developed frameworks, tools which are re usable in SOA implementations. Over the past decade we have come up with number of reusable components in application monitoring, exception handling, replay and management solutions, which help business activity monitoring in real time for tracking key business issues and opportunities.

Services :

  • Auditing (Transaction Logging)
  • Event Tracking and application logging
  • Exception Handling and Error Notification
  • Initialization and Cleanup
  • Process Management
  • Replay Service

Auditing :

  • Complete Message Traceability
  • Performance measurements by recording the time spent in each transaction
  • Log the begin and end of each transaction on the service bus
  • Separate table per interface/Application
  • Logging is Asynchronous and centralized

Testing : SOAPUI is an interface built using open source and customized to add robust features. It is an easy configurable tool with less scripting and more testing to simulate a web service or rest service an xml based service without any coding effort. Below are the features

Features :

  • Easy to configure and deploy
  • Extensive support for testing WSDL/SOAP services
  • Facilitates functional and load testing
  • Complete testing of the product including baseline testing, stress testing, security and endurance testing.
  • Complete simulation of user end testing.
  • Validate functionally security testing for your target services

Business Benefits :

  • This tool is configurable and can test any SOA based application in short time frame.
  • Facilitates rapid delivery with highest quality of product.
  • Enable continuous Integration testing and improve the productivity and efficiency with shorter testing life cycles.
  • Find the issues easily and fix it in shorter time frame

We have successfully implemented above framework in SOA/EAI/TIBCO implementations of various large organizations in different industry verticals.

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