Service Oriented Architecture

EITACIES has been practicing the SOA approach for over a decade and has built systems that include hundreds of business services for Fortune 500 companies. These systems are some of the largest and most complex SOA implementation. Through our many client engagements and rigorous capture of best practices, we have built SOA methodology, patterns and standards that are unrivaled in the industry. Our SOA methodology covers the complete services lifecycle from strategic concepts such as roadmaps and governance models to standards for development, testing and running large-scale SOA infrastructures. We have captured and created best practices and standards for these technologies and have a process for customizing these standards to our client’s needs.

EITACIES proven SOA methodology is called the Quick Start Guide, defining an approach to designing business services, events, rules, business processes, common business objects, and the common components to support SOA. Below are our key entry point services for adaption of SOA :

Information : Abstract underlying data sources and build data & information services for business entities and leverage software as a service (Saas)

BPM : leverage people, software and services to provide total visibility into your organization work flow, automate services with true SOA principles

Infrastructure : leverage virtualization, cloud, dynamic provisioning, concepts of resource pooling to provide infrastructure as a service (Iaas)

Integration : patterns to integrate legacy platforms to different vendor products A properly planned SOA approach can save cost through reuse of services and the agility to change your IT infrastructure as fast as the needs of your business do. SOA Results We Will Help You Achieve :

  • Utilization of existing assets
  • Live sharing of data and functionality
  • Reduction of redundancy, complexity, maintenance costs
  • Service Registration & Discovery
  • SOA Governance

Definitive Logic can help you enhance, not replace, your existing architecture through incremental re-capitalization of your IT assets. SOA Accelerators EITACIES has tools to help accelerate the SOA development process. These tools drive the SOA architecture specification, strategy and productivity. It promotes standardization and improves the quality of SOA project deliverables.

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