Portal Solutions

Businesses need to use social collaboration through easy-to-use portal solutions that can deliver the right message across to the right customer at the right time. Your company website, online promotions and branding must not only be attractive but must also convey your company vision and principles on which the business operates. Portal solutions are a reflection of everything that your organization stands for and you need to provide a transparent communication channel to your employee teams and end consumers. Today’s sites continue to evolve and you can find them in every industry and serving many types of users, including :

  • Customer
  • Employee
  • Partner
  • Supplier
  • Merchant
  • Member
  • Patient

Portals use the latest technology to create out-of-the-world user experiences. With technologies like AJAX and HTML5, company portals can provide great user interfaces. People can tag, rate, and interact with content and applications; portals present a personalized experience based on who the user is and what their requirements are.

Since 2008, EITACIES has worked with a variety of companies to create useful and interactive web experiences. Our work includes many different portal types, vendors, integration to a variety of technologies, social capabilities, and mobile sites.

Our highly experienced teams are up-to-date with the latest technologies and collaborate with the clients to understand the business goals and the target market to chalk out the roadmap for the portal design and development. We adopt agile methodology during the different stages of development, which gives us room to accommodate any changes in requirements. With emphasis on innovation and enhancing the customer experience, we strive to deliver the best portal solutions.

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