Propel Your Business Growth with EITACIES EAI Practice – Merging Innovation and Excellence to Help You Succeed! EITACIES understands that organizations today need the competitive edge to operate in an environment that comprises of ever-changing user requirements, demand for reduced costs and newer business models. Companies require number of existing multi-vendor software products and different kinds of niche applications including home grown or legacy applications that are connected in their enterprise middleware/SOA environment. In many cases, the business architecture already exists and clients demand hands-on technical implementers, who can work with the existing enterprise architecture, implement detailed technical specifications and seamlessly execute the integration. EITACIES EAI/Middleware/SOA Expertise EITACIES not only has the right expertise and relevant domain experience but also dedicated centers of excellence delivering and supporting state-of-the-art SOA, B2B, BPM, MDM,BE and BO environments that enable customers to leverage middleware technologies for their business needs.

With a proven global delivery model, EITACIES focuses on enriching the customer’s business value right from product evaluation, conceptualization to building methodologies and solution architecture and implementation. Why EITACIES for Enterprise Integration? EITACIES has a proven track-record in implementing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Complex Event Processing and Data Modelling and Business Process Integration solutions for customers from various industry verticals across the globe. With dedicated teams, in-depth domain expertise and high-quality resources and infrastructure, EITACIES has carved a niche for itself in IT/ Software Consulting and Staffing Solutions. The Key Differentiators :

  • 13+ years of experience on EAI Implementations with in-depth domain expertise.
  • Expertise in Integration frameworks and Enterprise Integration Patterns.
  • Experienced and certified consultants with high levels of confidence, working to achieve high quality results with reduced delivery time and lower costs.
  • Proven track record of successful implementation of over 30+ projects in different industry verticals including
  • Customized and blended onsite/offshore model to give 24x7 support to clients.
  • Advantage of in-house training, knowledge base and infrastructure to support our clients.

EAI Architecture Services Our Enterprise Architecture and Integration Services (EAI) helps organizations increase profits by exploring new venues in distribution, service deliveries and significantly reducing operational costs thereby enhancing returns on their IT investments. We do this by:

  • Evaluating client's applications portfolio and business drivers for integration.
  • Evaluating the existing architecture, re-engineering and build roadmap for EAI based solution.

SOA Adoption and Migration SOA Adoption and Migration can be done without having to bear heavy capital investments. We help companies develop an efficient migration strategy from a legacy enterprise IT infrastructure to SOA based architecture. Our roadmap for such a strategy consists of:

  • Enabling your existing applications to become service-oriented and brining in processes to suit changing business environments.
  • Wider and faster deployment of SOA by adding layers of service and business processes on existing IT infrastructure.

Business-to-Business (B2B) Integration We use TIBCO’s B2B Integration platform to transform your B2B environment with improved data quality, automation, faster response etc. so as to enhance your engagements with business partners through e-commerce.

  • Enabling you to improve partner relations through real-time transparent transactions, secure exchange of information and data, increased efficiency and reduced costs.
  • Our B2B expertise helps you automate transactions and respond to events quickly.

BPM Process Consulting We have years of experience in process modeling, orchestration and deployment of client’s business processes into BPM framework. We help your organization to respond to key business events in real-time.

  • BPM allows you to stay ahead of your competition through agility, better human and systems integration processes and predictive operations.
  • Helps you maximize process reuse, make your business independent from IT and improve scalability both horizontally as well as vertically.

Complex Event Processing and Data Modeling We develop framework for specifying, harvesting, recording and improving business rules and deliver real-time operational insight. Monitoring and Management We undertake performance tuning and reliability enhancements of middleware and SOA infrastructure to help you gain better visibility into processes and applications across the organization.

  • Monitor system performance effectively
  • Eliminate bottlenecks and improve process optimization

Vendor System Subject Matter Expertise
TIBCO RV, EMS, Integration Manager, BusinessWorks, Business Events, Collaborator, BPM, Iprocess, CIM, Spotfire, MDM, Active Matrix Adapters
Oracle Fusion, SOA Suite, BPEL, Event Processing, BAM
SAP Netweaver
IBM Websphere, Business Process Manager, Process Monitor
Microsoft Sharepoint, Biztalk
Other Mulesoft, Apache
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