EITAcies delivers knowledge and expertise to our clients to help them in better understanding complex issues and formulate strategic decisions. Our solutions are based on our years of experience in different industries and business environments. Our professionals focus on targeted industries and develop in-depth understanding of specific business sectors, technologies and disciplines that drive them. Multifunctional teams representing each of our service areas create client specific solutions that enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.

We have the scale through a powerful blend of deep industry knowledge, management and technical expertise to respond to your unique challenges and opportunities. We recognize that in today’s complex business world ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions are rarely available. Instead, organizations are looking for consultants with insight and creativity who have the experience and the ability to craft and implement multi-dimensional solutions. Explore our capabilities, offerings, and experience in different industry verticals.

EITAcies has a good understanding of the key issues retail organizations face today. Consumers are continually looking for better value, service options and convenience when making the purchasing decisions. With more consumer choices than ever before, retailers have a significant challenge to achieve innovation while maximizing profit.
EITAcies delivers high quality solutions, which enable insurance companies to gain significant business advantage through effective and efficient streamlining of business and market related processes. The synergies so generated have a clear and direct bearing on the top and bottom lines of our customers. Our domain expertise in areas such as Life, Annuities, Pension, Property, Casualty and Health Insurance businesses, combined with cutting edge technology expertise, enables EITAcies to help customers meet their strategic and business objectives.
Health Care
Healthcare organizations have automated systems that affect the quality of human lives. Technology development, integration and implementation partners who understand your industry and challenges are essential to ensure that quality never suffers. Reliable information technology expertise from EITAcies can enhance your role in the healthcare value chain making your organization more effective. EITAcies is uniquely qualified to build, integrate and support mission-critical business applications. We create solutions that effectively meet the business requirements of organizations in all facets of the healthcare value chain.
Health Care
The scenario for manufacturing companies worldwide is changing at a rapid pace. Companies have to manage demand, product mix and supply chain capability to achieve their business goals of profitability, market share and asset utilization. Manufacturing business units have grown to include new entities such as overseas contract manufacturers, online supplier exchanges and logistics providers; collaboration with and among these entities is an important measure of success for an organization.
Energy & Utilities
EITAcies understands the challenges that the utilities market faces today. With a heavy emphasis on industry consolidation and international challenges weighing heavily on business decisions, top energy and utilities executives face an ever-changing landscape that threatens operational efficiency.
Energy & Utilities
EITAcies has enjoyed a very long and successful track record working in the Telecommunications space. Our commitment to the industry is exemplified by the long relationships we’ve developed with the leading global telecommunications providers, and our large spectrum of capabilities in this space.
Media & Publishing
EITAcies's media & publishing practice has grown over the years. Our domain expertise, combined with our proven smart sourcing leadership, offers media & publishing company’s competitive advantage in mastering fast changing markets.
Media & Publishing
Transportation & Logistics
EITAcies has a keen understanding of the information technology challenges that transportation and logistics service providers face today. In addition to traditional ERP challenges, Transportation and Logistics organizations today are facing daunting challenges in the areas of supply chain management, eBusiness, and sales force automation.
Banking Financial Services
As the Banking and Financial Services (BFS) industry rapidly evolves and expands, financial institutions like yours are confronted with new challenges and opportunities to extend your competitive advantage.We are uniquely positioned to provide an “inside-view” of the emerging needs of the industry. We have invested in developing strong expertise in sub-vertical (domain) areas that are more focused segments within your Retail Banking, Corporate Banking and Investment Banking organizations.
Banking & Financial Services
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