Core Engineering

While we specialize in the Enterprise Information Technology solutions, we have developed customized intellectual applications, products, tools and frameworks to help the global community and our clients. Our team of architects and software professionals have developed a range of products & solutions targeted towards Human Resource Management, CRM, SOA, BI, Systems Integration and other functions. EITACIES Enterprise tools and solution accelerators enable companies to address IT or domain-specific business process and workflow challenges. These tools and the expertise that we carry assist in identifying & analyzing different scenarios in compliance with standards and governance, provide forward-thinking and ability to benefit good ROI. Our strong client-partner relations enable us to completely understand different economic sectors (Finance, Insurance, Retail and others), allowing us to apply the concepts and architecture models and to develop and deliver solution accelerators across a wide spectrum of vendor platforms.

Our concepts and tools act as solution accelerators to solve specific enterprise challenges. EITACIES products & solutions helps the world’s leading organizations innovate more efficiently, reduce cost and increase ROI.

Change has become an inevitable law of the business and when the technologies are developing continuously, businesses need to be agile. Multiple business applications are used in enterprise irrespective of the size of the organization including different industry verticals. In a competitive business environment, the effectiveness of business applications in helping run the business efficiently can end up deciding the ROI.
EITACIES understands that organizations today need the competitive edge to operate in an environment that comprises of ever-changing user requirements, demand for reduced costs and newer business models. Companies require number of existing multi-vendor software products and different kinds of niche applications including home grown or legacy applications that are connected in their enterprise middleware/SOA environment. In many cases, the business architecture already exists and clients demand hands-on technical implementers, who can work with the existing enterprise architecture, implement detailed technical specifications and seamlessly execute the integration.
Data & Architecture
Data modeling/architecture services that help customers conceptualize the warehouse and develop data marts based on business user needs to form a unified model for analysis and reporting.

The quality of your data affects every aspect of your business, from routine transactions to long-term planning. Information quality is often overlooked within CRM, data warehousing, business intelligence, and enterprise applications. See the below table our expertise.
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