Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing

In today's world an increasing number of companies are adopting cloud because of its flexibility, scalability and cost management. Cloud computing has emerged as a frontrunner in transforming IT organizations from being a provider of back office legacy and custom applications to conceptualizing and implementing futuristic real-time systems of engagement. It has not only changed the way the industry delivers software but also provides a new approach to handling various business application needs through an integrated platform.

However, choosing a proper cloud strategy to suit your business environment and technological capabilities is of utmost importance. We will help you assess the appropriate cloud strategy and model it according to your business goals. Our technical teams will consider various factors while assessing the viability of cloud for your organization and help you extract the best out of cloud while taking care to mitigate the risks associated with migration and implementation.

We, at EITACIES have expertise in migrating the legacy and infra products to cloud. We have established cloud computing in our center of excellence and constantly endeavor to build a strong cloud computing application solution that enables our customer to drive their business efficiently. EITAcies and Cloud Computing We have helped our clients leverage cloud platforms like Vmware, AWS , Openstack to deliver hybrid IT cloud solutions. The principals and consultants at EITACIES have worked with several Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to develop their cloud offerings and migrate their traditional system to the cloud. The migration has involved re-architecting entire solutions to incorporating key cloud solution abilities like scalability, access from cross platform devices.

We offer global coverage of cloud computing services Product & Services: Frameworks

  • Cloud Application Frame Works
  • Legacy to Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Computing Consulting and Professional Services
  • EITACIES cloud computing services can significantly increase flexibility, efficiency, scalability of your business infrastructure.
  • Our Cloud Computing solutions are modular, scalable and flexible. Read Moreā€¦ [ link to solution accelators | cloud]

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