EITACIES developed a rich suite of software solutions that accelerate product development realization and differentiate the customer experience. Cloud computing has emerged as a key enabler for business efficiency and service delivery mechanism for ubiquitous and scalability. Software vendors are focusing on how to position their products/software as a service (SaaS). To deliver SaaS, typically vendors work with ready cloud service offered by salesforce, google, amazon and other providers.

EITACIES has worked with server software vendors to develop their cloud offerings or migrate their traditional setup to the cloud.

In-depth expertise and inherent experience in cloud computing consulting and technologies gives EITACIES a competitive advantage to deliver the best cloud solutions for your enterprise. EITACIES approach is centered on building & providing competency based services such as Cloud Assessment, Implementation & Migration to Private, Public and Hybrid Clouds and Cloud Operations services.

EITACIES Cloud Enabling Framework helps jumpstart cloud adoption, deployment, management, monitoring, migration, integration, testing and orchestration for enterprises, carriers and OEMs. Features The key features of our Cloud Enabling Framework consists of the following components that can be used individually or as a combined integrated framework:

Cloud Management & Orchestration: helps our clients manage their pool of hybrid storage and networking virtual resources across hybrid, public and private clouds based data centers.

Cloud Monitoring Tool: helps monitor cloud infrastructure, applications and notifications across multiple private or public clouds.

DevOps Platform & Migration Tools: helps migrate network configuration from one cloud to another. provides an automated sequencing of steps in moving the code from source platform to deployment.

Test Accelerator: provides the automated testing framework for continuous integration testing of code after submission and provides the workflow for managing the outcome.

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