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Case Study ‐ Insurance Workers compensation firm requires method to increase test coverage and reduce test cycle times without raising costs Client : A Leading Workers Compensation Insurance Firm Industry : Insurance Service Offering : Component Services

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  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Automation Proof of Concept (APOC)
  • Automation Implementation Program (AIP)

The Situation : The client, a leading workers compensation insurance firm, had recently expanded their product offerings to 25 states. The clientʼs market is highly competitive and is also subject to fixed regulatory deadlines. As a result, changes for an individual release were possibly market and/or regulatory driven, but deadlines could not be missed. The Challenge : The client sought a method for increasing test coverage and reducing test cycle times while avoiding increases in overall costs of testing. The Response : EITACIES, a premier provider of technology staffing and services, responded through its QA & Testing Center of Excellence with a multi‐phase program incorporating their Automated Proof of Concept (APOC) and Automation Implementation Program (AIP) services.EITACIES conducted the project in three distinct phases over a period of ten months. Phase one, APOC, included the selection of a test automation tool for the client. This entailed conducting a brief pilot with several of the clientʼs applications to prove ROI. EITACIES also developed a report deliverable containing an analysis of the clientʼs QA and QA‐related SDLC processes as they related to successful test automation as well as a cost/benefit analysis. Phase two consisted of the Automation Implementation Program. This included the development of a Test Automation Framework and the implementation of pilot workflows across several applications. In addition, This step included knowledge and documentation transfer to the client. The final phase, Test Automation Development, incorporated the implementation and enhancement of an automated test suite for three large core, systems as well as several other applications. This phase also included a knowledge and documentation transfer to the client.EITACIES assigned teams of Test Automation Engineers to conduct the various phases of this project. The APOC and AIP were conducted by a senior Test Automation Engineer who subsequently led a team of two additional Test Automation Engineers in development and implementation activities. Throughout the project, the clientʼs internal resources were increasingly incorporated into the process and a knowledge transfer was conducted. The Result : As a result of EITACIESʼ engagement with the client, they were able to streamline the SDLC and overall release processes, increase test coverage for each release and reduce release test cycle time. In addition, EITACIES enabled the client to establish a trained and experienced internal function for subsequent test automation activities

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