Application Case Study
Application Case Study

Project Overview : XML editor using GUI developed in SWT and JFace. Client Challenges

  • Client was completely unaware on how to edit million lines of XML code without making errors to tags and more over handling these files was cumbersome and rather tricky.
  • Client did not know if XML can be projected to UI.
  • Handling the links between dependent tags in modules was really challenging for the client.
  • Creating dependent tags was another challenging task for client.

Tools & Technologies

  • Java, Equinox, Eclipse IDE, Subversion, Eclipse modeling frame work, Compare UI, Source monitor, POI, PMD, EMF Compare, XSD, C (Using headers and source), Process monitor, External system calls EITACIES Solution
  • XML editor was given in the form of UI editor using JFace and SWT, which made client configuration job really easy and elegant.
  • Client was able to visualize each element in XML as UI which helped in drag and drop configuration.
  • XML editing was made easy since every configurable element was now editable using UI and DnD.
  • Linking of dependent tags became easy since internal validation was present.

Client Success

  • Client delivered projects with better efficiency; configuration was easy and 50 times faster.
  • Client was able to bring increased configuration within the same file rather than distributing it across different files.
  • Training cost of new employees was nullified due to self-explanatory UI components and extensive help tools present.
  • Auto configuration facility made the systems convenient for basic configuration in a hassle-free manner.

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