Large international home improvement retailer sought delivery of over 200 highly‐skilled helpdesk professionals in short period of time.

Client : A Large International Home Improvement Retailer Industry : Retail Service Offering : Staffing Services ‐ Infrastructure Staffing Service The Situation : A large international home improvement retailer needed assistance with staffing and managing a significant portion of its tier I and tier II help desks. The client operates more than 1000 stores throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the U.S.Virgin Islands, and China. It also employs more than 35,000 associates who are technically supported by data centers in San Jose, CA and Atlanta, GA. The primary datacenter in San Jose, CA retains over 250 consultants in application development, application support, help desk, infrastructure maintenance, and infrastructure support. Both data centers address the clientʼs hardware and proprietary software issues throughout its national and international retail stores. The Challenge : In 2009, the client partnered with an off‐shore organization to assist with the staffing and management of a sizeable portion of its tier I and tier II help desk teams. Due to performance issues during the following year of service and support from the off‐shore company, the client decided to change course and bring the help desk back to the United States. The client anticipated some challenges in this process. The first challenge was maintaining order on its help desk while staffing over 200 new technicians and simultaneously tapering off its overseas operations. They also wanted to quickly improve the level of technical customer service to store employees. The client lacked the internal resources, experience, and delivery model to fully execute this initiative and needed a partner with the reputation and reach in the marketplace to deliver a substantial number of technical resources in a very short time period. The Response : The client selected EITACIES , a premier provider of technology staffing and services, based on a sixyear history of excellent and consistent service, as well as a strong relationship with EITACIESʼ account managers. Additionally, the client was confident in EITACIESʼ ability to quickly turnaround qualified Technical Professionals based on its footprint in the San Jose, CA marketplace and overall reputation in the IT industry. From May 2009 to September 2009, EITACIES delivered 100 plus tier I help desk agents and nine tier II help desk agents. All help desk agents were skilled in troubleshooting computer hardware and software applications, and most of them had prior experience in high volume call centers. EITACIES employed two help desk managers to work on‐site in order to coach, mentor check daily attendance, and participate in service observes of the EITACIES Technical Professionals. The help desk managers also addressed any on‐site issues as they occurred. Weekly service reports were submitted to chart the progression of the EITACIES Technical Professionals and to trend their metrics for the week.

EITACIES INC The Enterprise Information Technology Edge EITACIES also worked with the client to design and deliver an orientation class on the date of hire to complete all necessary paperwork and begin the three‐ week training program that prepared the help desk agents to answer calls on the clientʼs specific software applications and store computer hardware. As of September 2007, the customerʼs San Jose, CA call center was at 100% capacity. The Result : Immediately the client was able to realize positive results from EITACIESʼ assistance, most notably an improved level of customer service to its store associates. EITACIESʼ inclusion of the two help desk managers saved the client valuable time. The EITACIES help desk managers also worked closely with the clientʼs management to help ensure timekeeping processes were upheld and approved in a timely manner. Over time, EITACIESʼ help desk agents became responsible for mentoring and training future hires. The goal of the project was to convert all help desk agents by the end of December 2007. All level I help desk agents converted to full‐ time employment on December 17 and all level II agents converted on January 7, 2010. The Technology : Most of the technologies used at the client site are proprietary. The client uses a Vantive ticketing system ‒ which is now being replaced by SAP®‒ and has over 12 different applications that the help desk agents learned in order to effectively support the store associate on any technical issues. The hardware supported ranges from POS systems, printers, and servers, to scanner guns, mobile carts, and other retail devices. The software supported ranges from backend operations for HR, shipping, invoicing, and receiving, to antiquated applications used to mix paint or calculate measurements. Software also includes complex operations used to redesign a kitchen or bathroom.

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