As a global leader in supplying programmable logic solutions with over 51 percent market segment share in 2007, this client wanted to adopt newer enterprise solutions to conduct business in a more effective way. The companyʼs programmable solutions drive product innovation in diverse markets across the globe and are designed in a wide range of applications. Their processes are very agile and customers can change or upgrade product features and functions in no time at all. They collaborate with their clients, helping them adapt to new standards and reconfiguring the hardware for a specific application, enabling faster time‐to-market, product differentiation and reduced cost. Client Challenges The Client has three major manufacturing laboratories (San Jose, Ireland, Singapore) and has different deliverables assigned to each department. Their IT department has developed several unique systems that have to be integrated so as to communicate with each other and improve the user interactions.

Some of the business challenges which the client faced are :

  • Real time business data need to be updated to legacy systems in each department
  • Integration between the various legacy systems
  • Automated process for procurement of business data
  • Data transformation and translation logic according to the prescribed rules
  • Persistent storage mechanism for the data.
  • Validation of business data to a certain extent.

EITACIES Solution EITACIES with its expertise in TIBCO studied business requirement and came up with business logic developed in automated process. EITACIES provided solutions that are responsible for all the communication between SAP PO system and legacy systems. Various interfaces were developed as part of these solutions to enable bi‐directional flow of data. All the information pertaining to the various legacy systems and the SAP‐based PO system (source and target) were captured as part of the functional specifications.

These specifications covered the following topics:

  • The platforms, databases, and operating systems for the source and target
  • The various applications constituting these systems and the way they interacted with each other.
  • The input and output data formats for the source and target (EBCDIC, ASCII, Binary, and so forth)
  • Frequency of data transfer and outage periods
  • System connectivity details such as FTP drop zones
  • The file structures that were being processed, if applicable

EITACIES expertise in TIBCO provided the client with successful implementation of consistent, scalable, reliable, incremental, cost‐effective EAI solution. EITACIES offshore teams build standard EAI architecture and Web services based distributed integration platform. It provided core integration, comprehensive systems connectivity, guaranteed messaging, and robust transformation capabilities.

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