The client is a leading provider of web‐based resources and information in the life science Industry, catering to businesses across the globe. They have a proven track record working in this vertical for 20 years and have helped accelerate communication and discovery among business and scientific leaders in the biopharmaceutical market. With a well‐established site infrastructure and an online audience of over 1 million monthly visitors, the company has seen rapid growth in a sustainable way. Client Challenges To meet the changing business environment, the client wanted the implementation of an integrated B2B solutions that could seamlessly integrate their existing systems with those of their suppliers. The client's goal was to synchronize its Inter Enterprise Order Integration with the supplier and vendor software to achieve better productivity and reduce costs. EITACIES Solution EITACIES conducted a careful study of the client's various Business processes and created a Requirements Analysis document to highlight their business and technical needs in order to achieve the project objectives. EITACIES then formulated a project plan to integrate the clientʼs B2B model with their supplier systems.

Parallely, EITACIES also devised a prototype solution using Tibco products in their in-house labs based on the required model. Tibco Active Enterprise is used for EAI between their tailor‐made ecommerce application and the Tibco ActiveExchange Business Connect application. Client Success With the help of our deep EAI and B2B expertise and domain knowledge, we enabled faster deployment at client end and delivered the project with rapid ROI

  • Use of EITACIES Lab work helped the client understand the production solution
  • Ability to easily incorporate different ERP systems and additional suppliers into the system allowed the client to expand processes without reworking infrastructure

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