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Media & Publishing

Leading Media Company sought assistance with extensive training of over 30 producers in time for new market launches around the U.S. Client : Leading Media Company, which Operates Businesses in Publishing, Interactive, and Broadcasting Industry: Media/Entertainment Service Offering : Global Services

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The Situation : A leading online news and information operating company was going to introduce a new interface for an entertainment guide web site that they had developed and maintained for many years. In addition, the company was going to introduce the site to new markets around the U.S. In order to facilitate the successful introduction to the new markets, approximately 30 producers in 10 markets had to be trained on the companyʼs three content management systems (CMS) on how to post information, video, graphics, and reviews. The site producers and content editors needed to have an understanding of both how the web site operates and also how they should interact with all three systems. The Challenge : The client needed to create training that would be delivered to their producers in conjunction with the launch of the new markets. The successful deployment within the new markets was critical to the growth plans for this particular product. The client looked to the training expertise of EITACIES Education Services to provide the personnel, tools, processes, and methodologies to develop instructor‐led training and eLearning in a very aggressive time frame to ensure that their editors and site producers were prepared to support the new market launches. The Response : EITACIES, a premier provider of technology staffing and services, and one of the leading providers of professional and technical training to top performing corporations, utilized both on‐site resources for Instructor‐Led Training (ILT) and the convenience of Web Based Training (WBT) for Virtual Training Services as the most effective learning methods for this client. EITACIES implemented a Rapid Instructional Design program to meet the clientʼs objectives, using both internal and consultant resources to execute a delivery plan that included overlapping deliverables, as well as accelerate the approval and testing phase of the development. The creation of technical reference manuals, instructional design, and curriculum development were successfully Completed in concert. By combining these activities with EITACIES precise project and instructional design methodologies, the client was able to meet all of the deliverables within the aggressive timeframe required by the customer. The Result : EITACIES effectively developed and delivered a reference manual for the content management systems, an instructor‐led training course on the use of the three CMSs, and a comprehensive eLearning course for future on boarding needs. This allowed the client to meet their short timeline for releasing the updated platform to several new markets, while training the producers in these markets about the tools and site. The training was well‐received, and both enrollment and satisfaction rates exceeded those projected by the overall project plan The Technology : ECC was used to create the eLearning course

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