Project Overview : Emission analysis system for petrol and diesel vehicle.

Client Challenges :

  • Reading values from exhaust pipes of vehicle and performing operations based on values is a difficult task.
  • Reading values and giving proper instruction to operator for acceleration and deceleration at right time is challenging task.
  • Creating fault proof hardware for reading real time values.
  • Created high end graphics for displaying real time values in form of graphs.
  • Created high end graphics for displaying real time values in form of bar graph.
  • Client faced great difficult in creating report for the report generation.
  • Client did not knew how to get over with constant changing version for software.

Technologies used :

Java Innosetup
Equinox Jenkins
Eclipse RCP Sonar
Subversion gagawa
Spring framework PMD
Spring injection CRC-32 tool
MVC architecture FOP
Excelsior XML

Our Solution :

  • Measuring gas emission values, providing complex graphs and performing complex mathematical calculations.
  • Provided elegant hardware for fault tolerance mechanism.
  • Client achieved high end graphics in form bar graph and graphs at real time.
  • Real time reading values were made on WYSIWYG
  • Report was made real efficient and expendable for future version and changes.
  • Software framework is made real easy and portable.

Client Success :

  • Emission analysis is made easy and real fast.
  • Porting to different version made real easy due to excellent framework designed.
  • Client could handle multiple version of software development at the same time.
  • More business arrived to client due to accurate and elegant and reliable hardware and software vendor

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