Career Edge
Career Edge

The Career Edge at EITACIES is central to every individual who are part of EITACIES Consulting. It is deep rooted core human values. It defines the basic human thoughts and actions to govern the future. The Enterprise Information Technology Edge is based on human values and ethics which are applied to various situations of life and working environment. Our values are reflected in our approach to every individual and how we make each individual part of our teams and groups.

At EITACIES we value the rich experience that each member brings in and foster the spirit of success. Each new member will be a valuable addition to our team. We give you the freedom to work on our cutting edge technologies and acquainted with best of processes to shape your career. From working in the software development and delivery teams to quality and testing teams, strategic business units/groups and shared services teams, we offer a full spectrum of different career paths to choose from.

Our Goal is to align your career by offering different career paths and options for you to choose.

Our software development centers and offices are distributed across USA & India. Our people centric approach and flexible environment allows you to shape your career under our leadership bandwidth to steer and control your career in the right direction Career Choices – Here at EITACIES Consulting, you have a wide variety of different career paths from which to choose.

Below are just some of the areas you can focus on

  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Software architecture
  • System administration
  • Management
  • Analysis and design
  • ERP

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