Business Process Management


Optimizing and automating the business processes to deliver Success We define BPM as an orchestration layer that leverages people, software and services to provide total visibility into your organization work flow; automate and continuously improve efficiency and ROI in business, reduce costs and man power.

BPM can be seen as an extension to Workflow Management (WFM). WFM focuses on the automation of business process, whereas BPM has a broader scope : from process automation, process analysis to operations management.

With our team of expert professionals, you can quickly automate the business processes using proven workflow management tools and different vendor software packages. With over a decade experience, we carry the industry knowledge and expertise to create a flexible process platform tailored to your business needs. We offer a broad, cross-industry portfolio of solutions to meet industry requirements.

Some of our experience in orchestration :

  • Carried out product evaluations for different clients in different industry verticals
  • Worked extensively with IBM, TIBCO, Activiti and many other standards based products
  • Built Workflow solutions for large telecom handling using TIBCO
  • Built payment solutions for large financial client using websphere handling millions of transactions

Leverage EITACIES BPM expertise In :

  • BPM Business case Evaluation and recommendation
  • Business Process Analysis & Orchestration
  • Product Upgrade, Migration, Implementation and Support services
  • Center of Excellence to educate on different tools and software.
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