EITACIES insight on Databases

EITACIES insight on Databases

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EITACIES has reviewed the number of traditional and no sql databases.

And time to see cutting edge database which can process @ 1 Tbps “Aerospike” check getting started with Aerospike EITACIES


Getting started with Aerospike

  • Get Ubuntu or any Linux flavor of 64 bit. either in virtual machine, native or multi boot system.
  • Open terminal and type in below command and pull latest “Aerospike” tar ball (i.e. file having .tar extension which is another compressed form like .zip)
  • Once the tarball is downloaded type in below command, this will unpack tarball
    • tar -xvf aerospike.tgz
  • Change directory to newly extracted directory  aerospike-server-community-*-ubuntu12* by using below command:
    • cd aerospike-server-community-*-ubuntu12*
  • Now its time to install Aerospike. In terminal type in below command
    • ./asinstall
  • Now it time to start aerospike server type following command in terminal
    • “sudo service aerospike start &”
  • Aerospike is a daemon process running in background, unlike all other daemon process we can check the status of service in using prefixed with “status” and suffixed with sudo followed by path daemon process name. Aerospike daemon run in /etc/init.d/aerospike, run below command in terminal
    • sudo /etc/init.d/aerospike status

Visit Aerospike reference website

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