Businesses across industry verticals are realizing the potential that Big Data holds in uncovering business opportunities, solve enterprise problems and transform their growth story through analytics. Diverse data sets that were previously unusable or not accessible are proving to be gold mines for companies around the world.

EITACIES uses advanced tools and techniques to help you derive industry insights by predictive analytics of data, both structured and unstructured. By use of techniques like text analysis, data mining, machine learning and predictive analytics, we help you handle the 3 Vs of Big Data - volume, velocity and variety in an efficient manner to give you the competitive edge.

Business Intelligence is a set of techniques and tools that transform the raw data into useful and structured format for business analysis and decision-making.

Our portfolio of analytic solutions can help lower your organization's operating costs and increase the opportunity for business growth. Our Analytics solutions help you gain new BI capabilities and actionable insights resulting in better and quicker business decisions that will help you climb the ladder of success in no time.

Our EITAPOD analytical solution comes with features that are currently not offered by any other software available in the market. Our Analytical engine is a critical component of EITAPOD Integration solution framework. In addition to data analysis, EITAPOD analytical engine comes with cartridges which are plugged to EITAPOD integration frame work or to any third party product to predict the performance, capacity breakdown and few other features explained below.

We use our cartridges as solution accelerator for implementing integration solutions in smaller and medium enterprises.

Huge data set detection : Determines the huge data flow between the data sources and destinations and generates alerts.

Accidental updates : Determines the accidental updates and alert. User may accidentally do bulk updates instead of single or set of records. This will increase the unnecessary traffic which could consume more system resources.

Capacity predictions breakdown : Continuously monitors the system and predicts the failures in advance.

Redundancy : Monitors for the redundant data across all the sources and consumers.

Duplication : Detects the duplicate record sets.

Sensors : Monitors the data across all the data source and destinations and gives the real time statistics.

Scalar : Scale the system by adding more virtual instances to handle the volume of the transactions.

Log Analyzer : Log analyzer analyzes huge set of logs that includes application and systems log files.

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